ALSIS: The Future of Isotope Separation

ALSIS (Advanced Laser Stable Isotope Separation) revolutionizes the field of isotope production with its laser-based technology. Developed in collaboration with KAERI, this platform harnesses the precision of ultraviolet fiber lasers for selective photolysis, setting new standards in the separation and production of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen isotopes.

More about ALSIS

Molecular Process

Our molecular separation process employs ultraviolet fiber lasers to selectively break down molecules, enabling the isolation of specific isotopes. This method ensures a high degree of purity and efficiency, opening up new possibilities in medical, industrial, and environmental applications.

Atomic Process

Beyond molecules, our atomic separation technology offers a leap forward in isotope production. By targeting the outermost electrons of atoms, we achieve precise separation of isotopes, leveraging electromagnetic fields to isolate desired atoms with unparalleled purity.

Technology Differentiation

Distinctive Edge

What sets ALSIS apart is not just its innovative approach to isotope separation but its versatility and efficiency. Our technology offers a platform capable of producing a variety of isotopes, all while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing output. With patents registered in five countries, including South Korea, the USA, Japan, Germany, and China, Qutope is leading the way in sustainable and advanced isotope production.

Startup time
Energy consumption
Facility size

Product Pipeline

Our technology pipeline is robust, featuring ongoing development in carbon and oxygen isotope separation, as well as exploration into new isotopic materials. With a commitment to research and development, Qutope is not just meeting current demands but anticipating future needs, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality isotopes for global markets.

Research collaboration

Tailored Isotopes
for Research Innovation

Qutope's groundbreaking technology enables unparalleled customization in isotope separation, offering precise control over enrichment levels of each Isotopically Pure Materials.

Our innovative process ensures that target isotopes are isolated without the enrichment of other isotopes, providing tailored samples crucial for diverse industrial and scientific research applications.

For instance, our collaboration with SIAT utilizes oxygen-18 enriched water, specifically depleted of oxygen-17, for advanced double labeled water studies, showcasing the adaptability and quality of our products.

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