Enriched 18O-Water

by Laser-based Technology

18O in the form of water for the use of PET-CT imaging, doubly labelled water, and scientific researches.

About the product

Qutope sets new purity standards, uniquely producing 18O-water not enriched in 17O, by proprietary laser-based technology. This process, unparalleled by traditional methods, guarantees superior quality and precise composition.

  1. Ensuring the highest quality and purest isotopes for diverse applications with ALSIS technology.
  2. Redefining price standards by making high-purity isotopes more accessible through innovative laser technology.
  3. Embracing sustainability and reducing environmental impact with cutting-edge, ESG-compliant isotope production methods.
  4. Offering sample testing with a 100% refund policy for any quality issues, guaranteed by ALSIS technology.